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Feedback from jumpers

Feedback from jumpers

It was the most beautiful day of my life. Thanks thanks thanks!

Jarda from Prague

That was awesome! Absolute freedom!


With your good angel behind my back it was just divine.

Hi, Tomas S.

Better than sex.


Thank you so much! It was just amazing!

Peter from Levic

Superb experience, so cool. Thanks

Thanks Robert

Great experience, great skydiver, great cameraman.

Thanks a lot!!

Milena S. good angel behind her back is divine.

Hi Tomáš S.

Absolutely amazing experience, really absolutely great. I have probably never experienced a brilliant thing.

Thanks so much Aneta

The best sport I've ever tried.

Thanks Jana

This was the first time in my life I had a guy clinging onto my back. It was cool, all the way down. Thanks, thanks, thanks…

Pavel K.

!Breathtaking! My knees keep shaking even now. You rock!!


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